Sunday, 22 March 2009

dodgy Bootlegs Number 12-Tragedy Judas Theory and MOP's Raise Hell remix

I bought this 12" in 1996 from Unity records near Carnaby Street in London's West end. This was mainly a drum and Bass shop but in the back they had a dope lil' Hip Hop section that always had the best promos and bootlegs. This 12" is labelled up as a Test pressing and is on green vinyl so I probably a bit over the odds for it but at the time was really getting into M.O.P. and I have always been a QB fan.
Side 1 features a track from Queensbridge Legend Tragedy joined by Mobb Deep. The track is called Judas Theory and is a diss to Capone N Noreaga. For some reason Tragedy was unhappy with them and decided to make this track. Its a pretty regular mid nineties QB joint probably produced by Havoc and it features a rather angry Tragedy calling out CNN as some sort of bitches or snakes as he actually calls them. Not really too sure why Trag wrote this or where Mobb Deep fit into the whole picture but I'm sure they weren't the voice of reason telling Tragedy to give CNN a call and squash the simmering beef. They're not exactly the people you would get in to mediate between two warring parties are they? (Anyone remember the original version of Drop a Gem on em? with the intro thatfeatured Mobb acting out a scene where they were torturing a Tupac Character).

The rest of this 12" is made up of a couple of M.O.P. remixes that would eventually show up on the fantastic Firing Squad album. Both are Premier produced; Raise Hell remix (and the radio version) and Downtown Swinga Part 2. Both are typical M.O.P. tracks and at the time Premier's production on them was very different to what he had been doing up until then especially Dowtown Swinga. Check the link below for the rip.
We be getting them open.


Keyser said...

There is an original version of Drop a Gem on Em ?

What's the difference and can you upload it ?

step one said...

nice stuff mate. I used to love Unity - got my copy of Cuban Linx from there on my first visit!

ive added you to my blogroll btw

SAJR said...

The original verwsion of Drop a grem on em was a promo only release that started with an intro that featured Mobb acting out some scene where they were torturing some Tupac character.

Chuck said...

I like what you doin man, come thru my spot some time i got some nice 12's u might be interested in checkin, peace!

DJ MK said...


Ilia said...

Judas theory isn't a diss to CNN. It's a diss to a dude in their crew who snitched and got Capone locked up. This was recorded before his beef with Noreaga occurred