Thursday, 9 October 2008

David, Premier and Royce

What do you get when take Hip Hops best producer, a sick lyricist and a classic David Axelrod song ? You get Royce Da 59's new banger "Shake this". As you all know Royce is a dope Detroit lyricist who proved his skills in the same clubs that birthed Eminem in the mid to late 1990s. He dropped has number of dope 12"s, a few albums and mixtapes since then. However his best work has always been with Premier behind the boards and this track shows this again.

Premier always gives Royce dope beats that allow him to show off his mic skills to their full extent and this track is no different. Its an up beat track that has Premier returning to his David Axelrod collection. The Axelrod track he samples is from his 1968 Capitol release "Songs of Innocence" album and is called "Holy Thursday". Premier has samples Axelrod numerous times in the past as have DJ Shadow, UNKLE, Pete Rock, Dre and many more.

David Axelrod is a very talented Jazz, Funk and Soul producer who worked mainly on Capital records from the early sixties onwards. He made his name producing for Lou Rawls but went on to produce for Cannonball and Nat Adderley, The Electric Prunes, Letta Mbulu and David McCallum. He also released a number of solo albums that were also very successful. Check out the new Royce Joint and the track sampled by Premier to make it by clicking the links below.
Shake This
Holy Thursday


Pravin said...

Sounds like "Holy Thursday" was also sampled by Lil' Wayne for "Dr. Carter" too? Wow. That's somewhat surprising. But "Dr Carter" IS my favorite song on The Carter III (I am not a Lil' Wayne fan, btw).

Also sounds like Preemo used the same sample (not the "Holy Thursday" one) that he used for "Proper Dosage" by Fabid feat. Boy Big. Do you know the same of that song is?

Great blog by the way. I wish I had discovered it sooner.

SAJR said...

I know the track you mean and it does sound like it coming frm the same Axelrod Holy Thursday track only a lot more chopped up.
Thanks for the compliment about the blog please check back regular as I'll be upping some more dope shit like this.

HowFresh said...

Primo sampled "The Smile" for this joint off the Songs of Innocence LP. The track is bananas. Surprisingly the same break that Primo used hasn't been used that I can recall aside from a Screwball demo tape that used it. That shit was crazy and I've been trying to find it for years. Other parts of the track have been used but not that juicy part.

Here's The Smile:

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