Friday, 2 January 2009

dodgy Bootlegs Number 5-Large Pro and Nas One + One and Noreaga Married to Marijuana

Heres the next in the ongoing series of Dodgy Bootlegs and this time we have a Double Whammy for you Queendbridge heads out there; Large Pro And Nas's One + One and Noreaga's Married to Marijuana.
Once again we have another bootleg grabbed from one of London's SoHo hip hop emporiums, this one I think was purchased at the long defunct original Deal Real records (not to be confused with the fake trendy one off Carnaby street, those who know understand what I'm saying). Deal Real was a very dope shop on a little street called Noel street if I remember correctly. I picked up some serious vinyl at Deal Real, made some good friends and also met the occasional emcee or Dj. Deal Real, which was originally Handspun, stocked a fantastic collection vinyl hip hop, mixtapes and some classic breakz. I'm getting off the point here. I picked this 12" up straight after hearing the A-Side featured Nas and Large Pro over a Large Pro beat, I never even bothered to hear the B-Side. The A-Side was strong enough to justify the price. You also have to remember this was sometime around '97 or '98 and we hadn't had the long awaited Large Pro album, The LP and there was no sign of the mildly disappointing 1st Class. The track was on The Lp but seeing as the only really promo copies of this ever circulated were on tape (beware eBayers if you see any vinyl or CD of it they all come from the tape) a vinyl copy of this track was too dope to pass up. So it obviously had to be purchased.

Surprisingly the Noreaga track is pretty good too. It uses Al Green's Something taken from his 1976 Have a Good time album. Its an obvious use of the sample but it works well. The track itself is Nore talking to his beloved weed as if it were a woman, not an original idea but not a terrible one either. I'm not sure if this was ever really released on any Nore solo albums because I never followed his career further than the first CNN album and that joint with Premier.

For good measure they throw in the instrumental to the Nore joint but not unfortunately to the Large Pro and Nas joint. Check the link below for the rip of the bootleg and the break too. Damn thats a good deal. Check back soon for some KRS, RA the Rugged man, MOP and some Beatnuts

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dom said...

yes sir loving this bootleg 12" revival series..i got loads of these tunes but i aint gonna front i dont have the technology or the impetus to go and put em into a 21st century format big up serious props..yadda yadda... one tune im trying to get hold of is 'thugs paradise' ? by tragedy?? one of the dopest beats period i remember a session on itch fm when skinny n the mud fam killed i over this beat or at least i think its this beat??..any ideas?? peace domski

zingama said...

thanks for these bootleg posts, reall appreciate it.

SAJR said...

Dom on the Thug Paradise front check the latest post

HowFresh said...

Married to Marijuana is that shit. If it was released as a promo- super small numbers. I never saw a copy. I remember it on a CNN Penalty or Tommy Boy mix cd but other than that it rarely pops up.

Digging the boots. Keep it up.

Mr Lawson said...

I actually have 'Married To Marijuana' on an official CNN doublepack promo on Penalty. It has a buncha tracks on there and is on red & green wax...I think they mailed it to DJ's around Xmas '97.