Sunday, 8 June 2008

Jimmy McGriff April 3, 1936 - May 24, 2008

Jimmy McGriff was easily one of the best Jazz organists ever, he passed away on the 24th of May age 72 after losing his battle with Multiple Sclerosis. May he rest in peace.

Jimmy McGriff was born in Philadelphia. His father played piano, and Jimmy learned it from an early age; he went on to play saxophone and bass before settling on the Hammond organ. Jimmy released records all through the 60s and 70s on Sue Records and later on Blue Note.

Jimmy was sampled by a number of hip hop artists including; A Tribe Called Quest, Black Sheep, King Tee, KRS ONE, Onyx, Ice Cube, Del, Ugly Duckling, OC and Westside Connection. My personal favorite Jimmy McGriff track is Dig on It and was sampled by A Tribe Called Quest on God Lives Through from Midnight Marauders.

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