Monday, 2 February 2009

Is Cuban Linx 2 finally on its way ?

So once again a few Raekwon joints are being leaked and we're all getting our hope us that Only Built 4 Cuban Linx part 2 may be finally ready to drop. Can this seriously be the case after at least four years of hype is Da Chef finally ready to unleash the sequal to one of the best albums of the 1990s. Last week we had the incredibly dope Criminolgy part 2 which had Rae and Ghost trading rhymes in a fashion similar to the early Wu-Gambinos tunes with Rza flipping the same Sweet inspirations joint, Why Marry albeit in a slightly different manner. Then today we had Wu-Ohh pop up online featuring Method Man and Ghostface and what sounds like vintage Rza again claiming to be from Cuban Linx 2.
Raekwon has also been doing the usual pre album guest spots hoping to drum up some anticipation for an album that should have been here 3 years ago. In the last three years I have picked up and downloaded about 13 tracks all claiming to be from this much anticipated album and I have collected these in one handy bunch for ya'll to check out. I'm sure that probably less than half of these will be on the final album and if thats the case then thats cool with me I just hope that it lives up to the hype. To begin with this album was supposed to be produced by Rza and Dre, then other names got mentioned that made it sound even more impressive. Producers like Premier and Pete Rock also got mentioned whether or not these will make the final version, who knows? The tracks in this little collection are listed below, check them out.
Wu Ooh
Criminology Part 2
Blood Missiles
Once In A Lifetime
Roof Top
State of Grace Remix
State Of Grace
Kids Thats Rich
Apple Jax
Enemy featuring Ill Bill

No doubt I will get corrected about where these tracks do come from and please if you know let me know in the comments.
Lets take this on some fly shit


dom said...

easy bless for the trax ..state of grace is siiick i like u been downloading all these tunes but lost em due to too much porn!!

seems like record huntin has been replaced by the t'interweb all the old record shops...

MORT said...

you left out "Baggage Handlers"....?

Dope collection though, thanks!