Wednesday, 31 December 2008

dodgy Bootlegs Number 4-The Lone Ranger (Q-Tip) It's Yours

This is a strange kinda bootleg because often bootlegs are put out without the artists permission. This one however was put out by Q-Tip under the pseudonym The Lone Ranger as to avoid any sort of trouble from his label at the time Jive. This was purchased from Uptown records in the summer or 1998. I usually wouldn't buy from Uptown because they were usually a little bit more expensive than the other london stores likes Deal Real, Bongos, Wild Pitch, Unity and even HMV. But if you missed a 12" at the other shops there was usually an over priced version on the shelves at Uptown once it had disappeared from the other joints. The other thing about Uptown was that it made most of its money by selling shit RnB which meant it was always full of people asking for the latest Mary J Blige clone or Jodeci clone which I used to find really annoying.
Anyway getting back to the point this is a dope joint produced by Q-Tip as a tribute to the great T-La Rock. Its a bouncy upbeat track reminiscent of some of Tribe's best work. I remember at the time being told that this would be on Tribe's underrated swan song album The Love Movement but unfortunately its wasn't. I have posted the track itself and the instrumental for your listening pleasure.

Oh and by the way Happy New Year Y'all and all the best for 2009. Expect more breakz, Bootlegs and general dopeness from this blog in the new year.

A crackerjack Joint to put on ya ring finger


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