Thursday, 2 October 2008

Lupe, Q-Tip and Pharrell on the remix tip

Last Year Lupe went and pissed off a whole lot of hip hop heads by saying he had never even listened to Midnight Marauders and that he was more of a West Coast Gangsta man than an East Coast Backpacker, fair enough not everyone gets to listen to every classic album when they dropped. But Lupe then went on to perform a cover of Electric Relaxation at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors show and he messed up the Lyrics, then he made a few posts about how he was asked to do the track by Q-Tip and then Tip refuted that on Hot 97. The whole thing seemed to get a little bit silly in my opinion.
Now months after what became known as Fiascogate we have a remix of the track Paris, Tokyo from Lupe's very underrated album The Cool. The original version of this was produced by Lupe's boy Soundtrakk and I think he's behind the boards on this one too as the beat is very similar to the original.

The beat is mellow and laid back with some nice drums and a cool keyboards loop. Pharrel does his kinda singing kinda rapping thing with some nice soulful vocals from Sarah Green. But what makes this joint special is the appearance of Q-Tip and the dope verse he drops which obviously means there is no ongoing beef or any other madness. I for one like this joint its chilled, a little reminiscent of Tribe, its the kinda beat I like to hear Tip over and I don't think the Live at the Renaissance is gonna have any beats like this so its a nice little blessing. Check the link below for hear the track. By the way anyone know if Tribe are still pretending that they'll try and get back into the studio anytime soon?
Paris Tokyo remix

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