Sunday, 14 September 2008

Charity Shop Gems including Beatnut's Instrumentals & Freddie Foxx

So earlier on today I was taking my daughter to an optician's appointment and was 10 minutes early so I took a look in the Charity shop next door to the Opticians. I find it hard to walk past a charity with vinyl in it without taking a look. The Charity shop was a Cancer relief shop and had a couple of rows of vinyl at the back. So I got diggin' and found the usual collection of Simple Minds LPs, strange German classical albums and KLF EPs but then I came across a few hip hop records. The first was a John Forte album so I just put that one back in the rack along with the Wyclef 12" next to it. Then I came across something really surprising The Beatnuts Street Level instrumentals which according to the label features to unreleased instrumentals . As you can see from the photo above someone has at some point in the life of this vinyl spilt some coffee or hot chocolate on the cover but other than that its in perfect condition and cost just £1.65.

The second gem I found was Freddie Foxx's second album as Bumpy Knuckles Konextion for £1.05. Any piece of vinyl that has two DJ Premier produced tracks and a Clark Kent one for under £2 is a serious bonus. I've always been a fan of Freddie Foxx and when you put his threatening rhyme style over dope beats you simply can't go wrong especially when it comes to Premier.

I also picked up the 12" of Aha's Take on me with the extended version on the B side but thats another story. Check the link below for The Beatnuts instrumentals.

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