Monday, 26 May 2008

Jackson Conti aka Madlib & Mamao - Sujinho

When I heard that Madlib had teamed up with Mamao, drummer from the legendary Brazilian Jazz-Funk group Azymuth I knew that the outcome would be incredibly funky. The album has finally arrived and as with most Madlib projects it is being released under a pseudonym, Jackson Conti and the album's title is Sujinho.
The outcome of this collab is an album that mixes Madlib's bass heavy, fuzzy style of production
with some of the jazzier Azymuth compositions of late and although on paper it sounds like it shouldn't work, it does. There's some drum machine beats on the album, but a large part of the percussion is acoustic too which creates more depth than before from Madlib. It kind of sounds like Yesterdays New Quintet have taken a holiday in Rio. The keyboards on this bring back memories of Azymuth's Legendary recordings of the 70s. Guitars, flutes, sax's and other instruments are thrown into the mix with great effect. This is an incredible album and if you've enjoyed any of Madlib's Jazz excursions or you are a fan of Azmuth this album deserves a place in your collection.
Below is the video promo for the album and a track from the album.


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