Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Late 90s 12"s Part 2:The Giant Hidden Crate / Hold Mines

This one here is for my old mate Ricardinio, I hope I got the right 12". This 12" was on constant rotation in mid 1998 and even now it is still a heavy 12". So this was released under the pseudonym The Giant which anyone can easily tell is AG (Andre The Giant)from Show & AG fame. The reason for the use of the pseudonym is because these two track aren't produced by Showbiz but produced by DJ Greyboy. Greyboy is often described as an Acid Jazz producer although he did produce tracks for OGC (Originoo Gun Clappaz)and Main Flow of the group Mood he was more on the Acid Jazz side of things. Originally hailing from California he has released a number of compilations most recently 15 years of West Coast Cool in 2008.
The A side is Hidden Crate and starts of with a De Niro Taxi Driver sample before moving into a deep guitar loop laden beat over a jaded drum with some flutes in there. AG demonstrates his usual skills in his trademarked laid back flow. He drops dope verses with some choice lines Certified Gold Medalist,you could play fly I'm the Most high like Everest and my favoriteYou can't see me I'm camouflage besides I'm God. Just in case you were thinking of testing him not only is he camouflage but he is also God so don't bother. The B side is even better than the A with a sick guitar loop, some keys and crisp drums. Its slightly more upbeat and AG is not so laid back but still dropping gems like Master Chemist, jewels flooded like the streets of Venice. Its only two verses but that gives you almost a minute of the instrumental to enjoy which is perfect anyway. Its kinda strange how often you get these essentially non hip hop producers who create such a banging hip hop joint and then seem to just fade away. Check the link below for the rip and enjoy. Check back soon for another late 90s gem. I'm Like Einstein a Genius or the Gza but my clan be Bronx Ni**as

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