Saturday, 18 September 2010

Jabbathakut-Once upon a crossfade

My man Jabbathakut has released his first album on his own label, Infekshus Records and its 25 tracks of dope UK Hip Hop that requires immediate listening. The album features a whole heap of sick UK underground artists including; Stig of the Dump, Swift, Mr Thing, Mikey T, Wordsmith, Genesis Elijah, Lyrical T, Supar Nova amongst many others. Jabbathakut handles the production duties as well as the majority of the cutting & scratching and he demonstrates some serious skills behind the boards and on the decks. Whether it be soul tinged Supar Nova joint "All alone" or the bangin' LDZ and Stig of the dump joint "Tear da roof off" which gets extra points for being the only hip hop song I've ever heard use the line "Maybe I'm just crackers, I'll kick you in the knackers" the beat is sick and the lyrics match it perfectly.
You can get it through Bandcamp by following the link below. High quality 320k MP3, FLAC or any other format you could possibly want for £7.99, what are you waiting for? where else will you get this much dope music for £7.99? You can pay by PayPal which makes it even easier.
The strings alone on the Genesis Elijah track justify the price and if you download this off some dodgy blog or a torrent site then you should be ashamed of yourself this deserves to be paid for.

Jabbathakut-Once Upon A Crossfade

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