Friday, 20 August 2010

Random 7"s Part 2 - Quasimoto - Hittin Hooks

It was 1999 and although we had heard rumours of this entity called Quasimoto and even heard him on the Lootpack album we were unsure of what exactly he was. Was he a rapper in his own right or was he Madlib on helium ? The names Quasimoto and Madlib have been linked since the Soundpieces album that we first heard him on. Yet they’ve never been seen in the same room together. In fact, Quasimoto’s never been seen in the same room with anyone – he’s The Unseen as his debut album's title told us. But you can hear him - and there’s no mistaking his voice.
The rumour goes that Peanut Butter Wolf first heard him on a dusty old tape, one of Madlib’s infamous beat tapes – the kind he’d make to listen to himself or pass around to the Likwit crew. Madlib and Quas had been up in Oxnard, CA, making music for years without the slightest intention of releasing it to the masses. Wolf got it out though – after some begging and pleading, and after signing a contract with Quas vowing not to reveal his name or association to the Beat Konducta we finally heard hi on his own vinyl; the Hittin Hooks 7".

At the time this came out I was going to Amsterdam 4 or 5 times a year and spending incredible amounts in the long since closed Fat Beats not to mention the splendid Green House, but thats another matter altogether. I bought this 7" in the Dam Fat Beats for two reasons; the first being it was on Stones Throw and the second being because it was produced by Madlib. Two reasons that still stand strong to this day. The A side is a play on Biz Markie's Pickin' Boogers only Quas is talking about Hittin' Hooks (Hookers) and Madlib uses elements of the original. Quas's lyrical ode to Hookers is superb and the fact that its being spat in such a ridiculously high pitched voice makes it even better.
The B side features the Madlib remix to the classic Microphone Mathematics which has the same lyrics as the first but features entirely different beat. Although slightly shorter than the original it is still pretty dope. It features an off kilter beat with piano stabs and a funky bass riff with that dope Pos da nous sample. Check both of them out by following the link below.
I dont mean to diss you but let me shake your hand 'cause I'm never gonna kiss you.

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