Sunday, 8 August 2010

Random 7"s Part 1 -Lootpack - The Anthem remix

It was 1998 and although the name Madlib had been known to underground heads since Tha Alkaholiks superb Coast II Coast album where he had produced the smoking WLIX no one had even the slightest idea how Madlib would go on to become a musical Juggernaut who would drive through genres with more aliases than Carlos the Jackal over the next decade. He went on to produced on the Alkaholiks' follow up album, Lkwidation in 1997, he secured himself and the rest of Lootpack a slot in the Likwit crew. But it was The Lootpack's debut album in 1998; Soundpieces: Da Antidote that really allowed Madlib to show just how creative he could be. The album was a success and allowed Madlib to introduce his style of bass heavy, Jazz and obscure sampling production. Not to mention a certain Quasimoto, my favorite of all his aliases.

It was a long album, 22 full track to be exact and 2 or three interludes. Although Stones Throw had already shown themselves to be the best indie label on the Left Coast, possibly in the US only be rivaled by Rawkus at the time, this album added to the level of quality set by the previously released long players from Peanut Butter Wolf and Rasco. The album spawned a whole heap of remixes almost all of them dope. This 7" here was given away with the European pressing which was done by Superappin. Its features the remix to the Anthem and is of course produced by Madlib and contains the vocal and instrumental version. The beat features some off key strings coupled with a strange shifting bassline. The lyrics are the usual bragging lyrics sprinkled with funny metaphors that would expect from members of the Likwit Crew.
Over the next ten years Madlib would go on to work with MF Doom, Jay Dee, Badu, De La Soul, Kweli, Mos Def, Ghostface, Percee P, Strong Arm Steady, Guilty Simpson, Dudley Perkins, Slum Village and Vasyt Aire amongst others. Not too mention his work under other guises; Ahmad Miller, Beat Konducta, DJ Lord Such, DJ Rels, Duma Peterson, Eddie Prince Fusion Band, The, Jahari Massamba Unit, The, Jazzistics, The, Joe McDuphrey, Joe McDuphrey Experience, Junior Taylor, Kamala Walker and The Soul Tribe, Kay Henderson, Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble, The, Loopdigga, The, Malik Flavors, Monk Hughes, Monk Hughes & The Outer Realm, Morgan Adams III, Otis Jackson Jr., Otis Jackson Jr. Trio, Russel Jenkins, Sound Directions, Suntouch, Tyrone Foster, Yesterday's Universe All Stars, Yesterdays New Quintet, Young Jazz Rebels and of course Quasimoto.

Madlib aka Otis Jackson is a musical genius and his name should be spoken alongside Premier, Pete Rock and Jay Dee. His rhymes are dope, his production beyond belief and the amount of instrumentals he plays is outstanding, I mean Blue Note invited him to raid their vaults and remix his favorite tracks, who else gets an offer like that ?
Check the Link for the 7" rip.

"If You're not dropping tracks like real emcees the you're not representing with the LPs"


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Dope post, classic remix alright.