Saturday, 5 June 2010

random nineties 12" number 8-DJ Cam - Voodoo Child Premier remix featuring Afu Ra

Technically this isn't really a random nineties 12" as it came out in 2000 but I was going through my record collection and realised that I had yet to convert this to MP3 and I figured there may be some people who check out this blog who may apprecaite this dope 12". DJ Cam is a dope DJ and Producer from France known mainly for his instrumental hip hop albums which heavily sample traditional Jazz. By the time I picked this 12" up in 2000 I had been listening to DJ Cam since his second studio album Substances in 1996. Substances could easily sit in the same category as Shadow's Endtroducing using dark jazz loops and break alongside strong hip hop samples creating a melancholic but enjoyable soundtrack.

DJ Cam has steadily produced albums since the early nineties with his last release being 2007's Lost and Found. This 12" features a fantastic DJ Premier remix of a track from a strange enhanced CD project called the Loa Project volume 1 which only had the one track on it although it did have an interactive program however I'm not too sure what that allowed you to do with this track. Its pretty impossible to find a copy of it and probably wouldn't work on any of today's PCs or Macs. The Premier remix however could only be found on this 12" at the time, although its probably been on some compilation or another since.
The Cam side features a decent enough track with Afu Ra dropping his pretty much run of the mill raps over track that features a nice horns loop but lacks the dark intricacies of Cam's earlier productions. Although enjoyable enough Afu Ra sounds a little out of place especially over the chorus. The Cam side also features an instrumental of his version which works a bit better than the vocal version.
The Premier side is certainly the main reason I had for buying this 12" and I guess it would be safe to say that applied to most people who bought this 12". Its a typically dope Premier late 90's joint ; upbeat kick and snare with a nice loop which sounds like some sort of organ and then some sort of Dr Who sound effect. Whatever it is its some dope Premier shit and needs to be in any Premier fans collection. Follow the link for the rip and if you like leave a comment. Also leave a comment if theres something you're looking for from the 90s or breakz wise.

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