Thursday, 18 March 2010

Camp Lo's Adventures in the Land of Music

The Summer of 1996 was a special time for me; I had just become a father for the first time, I was living away from my family and a new job had given more money to spend on music than I had ever had before. One of the biggest tunes I bought that Summer was Camp Lo's Luchini. It was so different to everything out at the time, a hyped up fun summer track where the emcees didnt take themselves too seriously.
I picked this 12" up from Deal Real in London's West End which was where I was getting most of my music at that time. The 12" had Luchini on the A-Side and Swing on the B. Both tracks were produced by Ski as was all of the album, Uptown Saturday Night. Theres a radio edit, instrumental and a capella of Luchini and radio edit of Swing and and instrumental too.

For the next section I have to say thanks to Mr Thing for putting me onto the break for Luchini. The break is taken from a track called Adventures in the land of Music taken form the 1980 album of the same name by the funk soul outsift Dynasty. The track itself is an amazing slice of early eighties funk soul with the obvious horns sample jacked by Ski for Luchini.
In fact if early eighties soul and funk is something that you're into then this album is a rarely heard gem that is worth digging out and it has been pretty much untouched other than the title track people looking for nice samples and breakz. Check the link below for the rip and the break.

This is it what, Luchini pouring from the sky.

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