Sunday, 13 April 2014

Deal Real Jam Saturday the 19th Mau Ma Bar

This coming Saturday, the 19th of April at  the Mau Mau Bar at 265 Portobello Rd in London Deal Real (Mid 90's London's Best Indie Hip Hop Record shop) will be holding another night of great Hip Hop.  Sarah Love, Pete Real (one of the original shop owners), Kuku and Bunn Bread. Festivities kick off at 21:00 until 02:00 and cost a measly £5 on the door.  If you love great golden era Hip Hop this is the place to be.

Crate Digging 2: M.O.P. - Pounds Up Show remix

Post number 2 in my Crate Digging series.  I came across this a few nights ago when looking for an entirely different M.O.P. track and to be honest I had totally forgotten I had this joint.  Its from about 2002 and I could have picked it up at any number of London Record shops.  I am a big M.O.P. fan and at that time was buying a lot of 12"s from them.  I love the original Pounds Up joint and when I saw this remix by Show, one of the reliable D.I.T.C. crew I figured it was bets to grab a copy.  I do not know if this ever got an official release, I think that Wild Life was one of the record labels associated with D.I.T.C. as I have a number of other Diggin' In The Crates joints on that label.  The track itself features the same lyrics as the original but Show provides a totally different beat.  The beat is the same throughout the joint with no difference for the chorus or verse sections.  It is made up of a punchy horns sample with nice but somewhat muted kick and snare.  Check the link below to grab the rip.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

New Roots Single “When The People Cheer”

The Roots are one of the few groups who consistently drop great music, not just Hip-Hop but music that crosses genres.  This is the first track released from their upcoming album on Def Jam "...and then shoot your cousin" an anti rap opera.  Black Thought is on point lyrically as always, easily one of the most interesting emcees in the game and he is joined by Greg Porn on the bridge.  Musically the track has a nice piano sample over a decent mid tempo beat with a high hat.  

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Crate Digging 1 - Morcheeba Featuring Slick Rick "Women Lose Weight" remixes

Finally having setup my trusty Technics 1200s, Vestax mixer and Serato I have started going through my vinyl and have decided to start putting some of the long forgotten gems up on here for you all to enjoy.  The first of these is this strange little 12" that I picked up from one of London's West End record shops back in 2002.  Unfortunately I cannot remember which shop but it was probably Mr Bongo's or Major Flavas both of which have long since closed down, like many of the West End's record shops.  Although I had heard of the experimental London trio Morcheeba in the past and had even seen them live in Brixton Academy the real reason for buying this slice of vinyl was the guest emcee.  None other than the legendary Slick Rick.
The original version of the song was on their 2002 album, Charango released on EastWest records.  The album is a laid back blend instrumental beats heavily influenced by Jazz and Hip Hop with sweet soul vocals it also has a guest appearance from PaceWon.  This 12" features the album version of the song with a two remixes; the Spare tyre remix and The Alchemist remix.  The album version of the song is a funky track with a nice crisp snare with nice soulful vocals alongside Ricky-D's adulterous and murderous lyrics.
Slick Rick is on point with this joint telling us an intricate story in the form of a rhyme.  He talks about having ot kill his wife because his wife has gained weight.  Obviously talking is out of the question in Rick's world however his scheming only ends up causing him nothing but trouble.  Ricky-D show us why he is a legends on the mic when it comes to storytelling even going so far as to change voice during the story.  In addition to the original, the remixes this 12" also includes an instrumental of The Alchemist remix and an accapella. 
The Spare Tyre remix is produced by Morcheeba and a great deal more funky than the original.  There is a heavy bass driven organ sample with nice drums and cymbals throughout.  This gives the song a more 70s sound.  The Alchemist remix is infinitely more East Coast Hip Hop flavoured than the other versions.  With a guitar sample and QB sounding drums it provides a nice back drop for Slick Risk's rhymes.  Click on the link below to download a copy of this 12" for promotional purposes only of course.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

New Madlib produced Roc Marciano

Roc Marciano has been a dope emcee for sometime now dropping dope vereses over some nice beats especially the Pete Rock one.  Well now he has managed to snag a dope Madlib beat for his upcoming mixtape The Pimpire Strikes back.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Long Live Southbank

As a teenager I spent many days skating at the Southbank; making friends, learning tricks, injuring myself and taking part in the wider community that skateboarding introduced me to.
My hope was that when my son was old enough he too would be able to do this. Unfortunately the short sighted owners of the Southbank plane to tear it up and replace it with commercial units and relocate the skating area to the under Hungerford bridge 120 metres further down the Thame. However what they continually fail to understand is that the Southbank is an organic evolution created by skaters that has been used for over 40 years. Please support the Long Live Southbank campaign.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

RIP Lou Reed

RIP to Lou Reed the man that influenced almost 50 years of Rock Music.  "One chord is fine," he once said, alluding to his bare-bones guitar style. "Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you're into jazz."