Friday, 17 June 2011

Bad Meets Evil Scary Movie

As Eminem and Royce prepare to drop the Bad Meets Evil album I thought now would be a good time to showcase the first 12" these guys put out together back 1998 on Game records. The tracks on this 12" are the fantastic examples of the chemistry that exists between Eminem and Royce.
Listening to this 12" again I can't help but wonder how things would have turned out had they not had beef for a number of years, would this collaborative album have dropped in 2002 and would Royce have gone onto become as big a hip hop star as Eminem? No doubt that Royce has made some seriously dope records over the course of his carear most notably the Premier produced banger Boom. But apart from the numerous Premier produced joints he has also ripped up beats by Just Blaze, Alchemist, Jay Dee, Kanye, The Neptunes and Dre too. Some of those producers I would love to hear produced for Eminem, especially Premier.
The tracks on this 12" are produced by Reef and Scary Movies is certainly the better of the two but Nuthin' to do is still dope. Lyrically they both spit fire on this 12". Even though I am not a great fan of where Eminem's carear has taken him and would love to hear him over the likes or Premier, Pete Rock and Large Pro amongst others there is no doubt he is a tremendous lyricist. Check the link below for the 12" rip including the instrumental of Scary Movie.

Scary Movie.

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