Friday, 20 November 2009

Random Nineties 12" number 1-Non Phixion I Shot Reagan

From now until the end of the year I will be upping a random nineties 12" each week. For the first instalment of this ongoing random nineties 12" series I have gone with a Non Phixion 12" from 1998. This was the third 12" from Non Phixion following on from the Legacy and 5 Boro's 12"s which were released on MC Serch's Serchlight indie label. This 12" however was released on Uncle Howie (UHR004) / Hebrew National (HN-777) and was recorded at Area 51 studio in Brooklyn and then later mixed at the famous D&D studios. It was distributed by Fat Beats. All the tracks in this are produced by Necro who handled a lot of the group's production and the label that this was on was on, Uncle Howie was Necro's own label and named after his own Uncle Howie who can be seen in the video for Necro's LL inspired I need drugs, check the link for one of the sickest videos ever!.

Getting back to the 12" at hand this is a fine example of Necro's morbidly upbeat production using a flute sample along with some nice strings, possibly guitar. The flute gives it a somewhat middle eastern flavour that works well with the upbeat drums and Gore Tex and Sabac's conspiracy laden lyrics. On the title track Necro also adds some of his usual lyrics which actually make Gore Tex and Sabac seem like the more level headed MCs on this track which is quite a feat considering their lyrical content. But the track works well and the beat coupled with the lyrics make up a dope little tune. They even throw in the instrumental too which is always nice.

The B-side features two tracks the first of which is the Chuck D Sampling Refuse to Lose. This is another guitar laden upbeat track with a dope Chuck D vocal sample and some nice horns that come is sporadically throughout the track. DJ Eclipse throws down some nice scratches in the chorus. The lyrics in my opinion are better than I shot Reagan and Sabac drops the dope line

"I hated Eddie Murphy used to wish that he would quit it
All that you ain't got no ice cream shit son, I lived it"

This track is again produced by Necro and it works real well in fact I may like this better than the A-Side. They throw in an instrumental for this one too. Finally theres This is not an exercise and although its not a bad tune it does'nt wokr too well ans sounds like it may have been recorded quite some time before the rest of the 12" It also is'nt as clear as the other two tracks and sounds like it could do with being remastered. The beat is as fats as the other two but the drums don't have the crispness of the other two tracks and even sound slightly muted. Check the link below for the rip.

I shot Reagan